Key areas of advice

Often a specific set of circumstances prompts the need for professional financial planning and wealth management. These may include a change of employment or salary package, retirement, business succession, inheritance, purchase or sale of a significant asset, death or ill health of a family member.

Many of the recommendations we put in place to cater for such events tend to fall into key areas of wealth management.


Investment strategy

Determining an appropriate investment program that incorporates tailored asset allocation guidelines, risk and return objectives, and the best way to implement the program.

Tax strategy

Determining the appropriate ownership arrangements for assets, structuring of income and legitimate strategies for reducing unnecessary tax.

Superannuation strategy

Determining the right vehicle for superannuation investment together with strategies to cater for beneficiaries and maximise the value of super pre and post-retirement.

Self Managed Super Funds

Implementing self managed super solutions that give you access to a much broader range of investment sectors that strategically compliment your portfolio and are not normally offered through employer based schemes.

Debt strategy

Determining the appropriate amount, structure and serviceability of debt and ways to optimise its use for tax and cash flow purposes.

Cash flow strategy

Determining savings capacity and the optimal use of surplus in terms of tax, planned future outlays, unexpected expenditure, account structures and specific personal objectives.

Insurance strategy

Determining the amount, type, ownership structure and insurer for personal coverage as well as business specific needs such as key person, business expenses and shareholder agreements.

Employment benefits strategy

Maximising the value of salary packages, share schemes, redundancy payments, benefits and allowances in the context of a client's overall financial situation and objectives.

Wealth protection

Identifying the ownership structures available to manage risks associated with blended families, distribution of wealth to beneficiaries as intended, business ownership and protection from creditors.

Our comprehensive advice usually overlaps different areas of expertise, so depending on what you prefer, we either suggest that you liaise with a specialist in these areas, or engage them directly on your behalf. Some of those professionals are:

  • Solicitors – estate planning and shareholder agreements
  • Accountants and auditors – for specific tax issues and establishment of entities
  • Mortgage brokers – home loans and credit facilities
  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) administrators – lodging returns, ATO reporting and compliance