Website Admin - Monday, November 07, 2011

With the recent volatility surrounding financial markets these words have certainly crossed our lips on more than one occasion. The last couple of months has seen a significant fall in equity markets around the World so in this edition we wanted to take the time to digest the situation. Specifically, we want to:

  • Understand where we are currently
  • Articulate what we see as the major issues
  • Crystal ball the future

'May you live in interesting times’ is actually a curse – the wishing for the experience of upheaval and trouble throughout another person’s life. It would be fanciful to suggest that we have been living in anything other than ‘interesting times’ (from a financial perspective) over the last 4 years and particularly so now. The real crux of this newsletter is drawing a conclusion as to whether we think this financial upheaval and trouble is likely to continue or whether better days are coming.

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