Our approach

Listening to you is our essential starting point. It’s your vision that we want to crystallise and agree upon together as this will form the basis of our advice and strategy. It’s then a matter of how we best partner together and make that vision happen. The oversight of the Julliard Investment Committee brings added assurance that no deviation occurs from the fundamental goals. The key areas of our approach are:


Advice –
focus on strategy first

We invest a great deal of time considering your situation, exploring different options and the implications if these are adopted. We address strategy first and then with the right structure in place we select the appropriate products and investments for an overall superior outcome.

Active management – proactive, forward thinking

Managing your financial situation is not a static process. Change is something we plan for. It’s our regular contact with you that serves a dual purpose of keeping a close eye on factors which may affect your situation as well as providing feedback on areas where we may need to take action.

Research – prudent review of the options

Our ongoing industry research combines proven internal and external sources for current market information. Whether our views are reinforced or challenged is all part of the process to keep a broader perspective and sound evaluation of investment decisions.

Partnership – maintaining a close ongoing relationship

We build strong client relationships that facilitate an atmosphere of trust and our clients can discuss any concerns as they arise. We offer valuable and targeted advice.

Meaningful communication – so you know where you stand

We provide reports showing how your portfolio is progressing towards your initial vision. We also get to know our clients’ interests and take the opportunity to highlight articles or ideas we come across that may be valuable in their business or relate to their wider interests.

Strong team –
common purpose

Ongoing education of our staff and the development of technical capabilities keep us at the forefront of wealth management practice. Our team has diverse experience and skills bringing different insights to each situation. Importantly we all share a common commitment to our clients.