Service approach

Service that’s reliable and experienced portfolio management that’s trustworthy are characteristic of the Julliard experience.

From the outset we make sure we understand your financial situation and lifestyle. We help to clarify where you want to be in the short, medium and long term. It’s a sound way to find out where you could be exposed to undue risks and see where we can put things in place to protect your lifestyle and address those risks. By formulating a strategy that’s specific to you and the planned financial path you wish to take, we draw on a vast range of independent products and investments to build a portfolio that best meets your individual needs and produces optimum results.

Our management of your tailored portfolio is an active one and we make sure that our review process suits you. The changing nature of both personal circumstances and financial markets are inevitable. With our Julliard team looking after you, we work together with you to keep your plan on track.

It’s this kind of service that can be trusted over time so that as our client, you remain in a position to grow and protect your wealth.